Asphalt Repair

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Asphalt erodes over time and can develop cracks and it will also begin to fade or deteriorate in color. Water can then seep into asphalt holes and cracks and may freeze and expand, causing the surrounding asphalt to crack and break and it's inevitable that larger cracks and pot holes will start forming.

Asphalt surfaces, however, can be repaired. Asphalt can be patched using two different methods: surface patching and removal/replacement patching.

Surface patching involves asphalt-based glue being spread over the affected area, where hot asphalt later gets applied onto the damaged surface. This method is the most inexpensive, thanks to its simplicity.

Removal/replacement asphalt repair is considered a more permanent repairing method. It's used when the asphalt suffers a significant amount of damage. The damaged asphalt is removed by cutting the eroded asphalt away from the healthier foundation. After leveling of the area, fresh asphalt is added to the area.

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